Here’s a rough demo to my song California Luvin’ I have been working on a more polished demo of it, but I’ll just release this in the meantime. I hope you enjoy! This is one of my more sexual songs :P 

"California Dreaming" from my trip to LA. <3 Enjoy!!!!


20 :)

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A lot of new ideas coming!

I have a lot of new music in the works. I’ve been neglecting my writing and focusing on other things, but I’m going to get back into the swing of things.

Anyway, here are some songs I’m working on:

  • Bonnie and Clyde
  • Kiss Me Amour
  • Shake Your Kitty
  • Bitches On My Dick
  • Clocks

I’m experimenting a bit with the more sexualized side of my personality, I normally don’t write songs like that but I’m interested to see what turns out. Bonnie and Clyde is about finding your true love with puns on the mischievous duo. Kiss Me Amor is about feeling like a tease, feeling like a sleaze, but at the end of the day you’re living life a breeze. Shake Your Kitty draws inspiration from Gaga’s song of the same name and along with Bitches On My Dick, is a fun, and not serious, song about people wanting nothing more with me than my body. Which, unfortunately is becoming a theme in my life… Anyway, look forward to seeing more about these songs in the near future. Thanks for the support everyone, I just hit 2000 followers yesterday and it feels great to have your support. You’re making my dream come true one step at a time! :) Much love!!!

Edit*: I forgot Clocks. This is a song about reflecting on yourself. It’s a good one!

Only two more weeks and I’ll be in California! I’m going to make a video while I’m there and use it as my unofficial music video for my song California Luvin’, I will release it on here soon to get you all pumped up for Spring Break! Anyway, I plan to hit up some publishing companies while I’m in LA for them to hear some of my work, so I’m hoping they give me the time of day! That would be so awesome and put me one step closer to making this dream a reality! :) 

I just hit 1000 followers!!

Thanks everyone for your continued support! It means so much to me, you are really helping me make my dream a reality! Thanks for listening! I love you all!

Here is a mash-up cover I did of Dev’s song “Lightspeed” and The Cataracs’ song “Top Of The World” ft. Dev. I hope you like how it turned out! I’ll be posting more covers and songs as I get them done. Enjoy! :)

Hey I’m about to go record some covers!

Here’s the game plan for today

  • Lightspeed vs. Top of the World by Dev and the Cataracs
  • Primadonna by Marina and The Diamonds
  • Fireball by Dev
  • Kiss My Lips by Dev
  • California Luvin’ by ME!

Stay tuned to hear how they turn out! :P


WE DID IT NIK!!!! WE BROKE 1000!!!!! YAYYYY!!! I’m so incredibly happy for everyone’s support this is such an amazing feeling :) Thank you!!

Welcome to my music blog new followers! I appreciate each of your follow! It means so much! Here’s a song my friend and I put together a few months ago! Enjoy! :)

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I think you just inspired me. Woaah. O.o

Follow your dreams! That’s what I’m doing!

What was the song that made you decide you wanted to become a musician? And why a musician? What does music say to you? (Sorry I'm really curious.)

It’s ok. I’ve been into music for a really long time. When I was younger, around 8 probably, my parents got my sister and me a nice keyboard and I would write my own songs using the sample tracks on it. I had about 5 or so songs written by the time I was in 5th grade. They weren’t the best obviously, but there was something about them that seemed to have potential, at least in my eyes anyway. I’ve always wanted to do something with music. I’ve always been very musical and I couldn’t quite pin point one particular song being my decision maker for being a musician. For the longest time, I wanted to be a video game composer and then an orchestral composer. I have a handful of songs I’ve done in both genres from my middle school years. But about the time I turned 13 or 14 I fell in love with pop music and dance music. It was about the time Lady Gaga, one of my main influences, was coming on the music scene. I can contribute a lot of my earlier songs to her as inspiration. She is very talented and I admire her in every aspect. But the reason I want to pursue music as a career is because I don’t really see myself doing anything else. I want to do something I love rather than something I’ll hate the rest of my life. Even if I don’t get to where I want to be, doing what I love to do every day will be worth it to me. And as for your final question, music speaks volumes. Behind every song is a story, a memory, even life. People and artists write songs to convey the emotions they can’t quite express through words. The way music can simply tug on your heartstrings and make you feel a certain way really appeals to me. It was a supernatural quality to it. Music can help you relate to someone when no one else is there, it can also heal a broken heart or help you remember and cherish lost moments. Music is everything to me and I KNOW I’m going to make it someday… Thanks for your questions, I appreciate them! :)

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Hello new followers!! I appreciate each of your follow! Here’s my favorite song that I’ve written, so have a listen! Enjoy!! :)

Here it is, Light Up The Night! Again, I made this for fun and I really hope you all enjoy it! It’s one of my favorites. It’s a big dream of mine to work with Dev in the future! She is my idol and I hope she hears this and enjoys it :) 

(She follows this blog)

I&#8217;m going to be releasing another song of mine tonight called &#8220;Light Up The Night&#8221; it samples a song that Dev, my idol, featured in and I reused it to create a pseudoduet haha. I did this for fun so I hope you enjoy! Look for it in the coming hour here!

I’m going to be releasing another song of mine tonight called “Light Up The Night” it samples a song that Dev, my idol, featured in and I reused it to create a pseudoduet haha. I did this for fun so I hope you enjoy! Look for it in the coming hour here!

Here is the demo for my song “Let Go”!! This song is based off a rumored Artpop instrumental I heard and I really liked, so I made my own song to it. So no copyright infringement intended. Enjoy!